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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I'm not getting shot at

Bundles of fan mail have been pouring in recently, asking what's up with me not posting for the past few days. The answer to that is I've been sick. I've literally spent most of my time either in bed or eating.

The only benefit to sleeping all day is that I'm not tired at night when The Olympics are on. For some reason I'm a really big fan of the winter games in particular. This year I (and my family) actually have a connection. Mark Parrish of the New York Islanders was chosen to play on the Olympic Ice Hockey team. Mark is a cousin of one of my best childhood friends (Nelson), and I remember playing cards with him back in my Legos building days.

My bro notified me that the Nelsons actually went over to Torino to watch him play. How exciting would that be? I'll have to see if I can get some pictures and post them. Too bad the men's hockey team's podium dreams were recently shot down by Finland...


Mike O. said...


Regarding photos of Mark, here is the link to USA Hockey website and all the photos they posted from the tournament:

Unfortunately, Mark didn't get a ton of playing time and there isn't an individual shot of him. But he is included in at least one of the team pictures, which is pretty good. He is in the Game #2 TEAM pic, congratulating Brian Gionta #14 coming off the ice.


Matt O said...

I watched part of a game and saw Mark play a little. He was close to the goal when a missed shot rebounded close to him. I started yelling at the TV, hoping he would put it in.