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Sunday, July 29, 2007

756 Could Cost You

Steroids aside, it would be pretty exciting to catch Barry Bonds' 756th home run. Almost like winning the lottery, right?...Perhaps even more than you think.

Many people have placed the estimated value of home run ball #756 at a cool $500,000. What does that mean for that lucky fan that will spill his beer and dive across three people in order to make the catch of his life?

The IRS hasn't decided yet either. Would he instantly be taxed, as if winning the lottery? Or taxed only when the ball is sold? Whatever may happen, it will surely be one of the most-talked about and lucrative catches in history. Until someone catches 757.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Just Dial 255

Went to the Walker Art Center today for a guided tour of its permanent collection. It was great getting a tour of modern art that otherwise would leave me utterly confused.

If you live in Minneapolis you should try to make it to The Walker on a Thursday night before September 9th: there is a great Picasso exhibit going on, and Thursdays are free.

Find yourself at the gallery (or sitting at home on your couch) wanting to know more about Picasso's The Studio? The Walker has employed a slick idea considering that nearly everyone has a cell phone now. Dial their Audio Guide number -- 612.374.8200 -- and punch in code 255. Voila.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Summer Goodness

Honey Mint Basil Sun Tea
Summer to my family means fresh vegetables. Corn on the cob. More raspberries than you can dream. And last but not least, sun tea.

So I followed in my mother's footsteps and brewed me up a carafe.

What you need
1 Carafe
Filtered Water
Basil (ask Addie, it's legit)
Black Tea
Green Mint Tea
A lazy afternoon

Talk about refreshing.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Songbird = Sweetness

Get Songbird Have you heard about Songbird yet? Think Firefox meets iTunes. It's your one-stop shop for everything multi-media. Open it up and play your iTunes library. Or browse to your favorite website, and Songbird will serve up in a sub-window any and all media found. Find a tune or a movie you like? Add it to your Songbird library and it's yours to queue whenever you wish. I'd try to sum up all what Songbird can do, but this video demonstration is about 1000 times easier to understand.

My vote for coolest app of 2007.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Bad News Bubble

This is what happens when you're a photoholic and music junky. Perhaps it is time to upgrade my 6 year old computer? Or maybe I just need to wipe away all those random pictures in triplicate that never make it up to Flickr...

Monday, July 16, 2007

DRM With Boundaries

I really dig the British electronica group Faithless. My brother's friend Joost introduced them to me. I still remember it like it was yesterday -- driving through the Netherlands in his Passat with its hip blue dials glowing from the dashboard while Sunday 8PM was grooving through the speakers. It was and still is one of my favorite memories from my European travels.

They are one of the few artists whose work I will purchase without giving any prior listen. So I was a little disappointed (yet excited at the same time) this weekend to discover that they came out with a new album this past year, only to be released in the UK.

I have since ordered it online, but it brought up some points that I found quite annoying:
  • As globalized as the world has become, why do record companies choose to release certain albums in only one section of the world? Who does that benefit?
  • I switched my iTunes settings to browse the UK's iTunes Store, only to be told upon attempted purchase that I was only allowed to buy from the US store. Thanks DRM.
  • Record companies have been complaining loudly about slumping record sales in regards to the digital revolution, yet here I am attempting to buy music digitally from them and they won't let me? Don't you want my money?

Sunday, July 08, 2007

7&7, 7&7, 7.7.07

The 7th of July delivered lots of sevens...

Anders and I went to the horse track at Canterbury Park. I've never been to a horse track before and thought it would be fun for a change.

On the 7th race, horse #7 won. Of course.

We went to a rooftop party that night and drank 7&7's, as well as O7s.

Any seven coincidences happen to anyone else?

In My Mind I'm Gone to [Colorado]

Spent a portion of last week in Colorado with part of the fam. Every time I visit I ask myself why I haven't moved there yet. We got in some good hiking:
  • Gem Lake - Nice little hike. I've also done it at night with a full moon. Great night hike. I'd love to camp out at the little beach sometime (you can't camp there, so don't tell the rangers)
  • Chasm Lake -- At the base of Long's Peak. Great hike with wonderful vistas once you get above the tree line. Next time I'll get up at 3 or 4 so I can capture the lake at sunrise. Apparently it offers a superb golden reflection of Long's.
  • Deer Mountain -- Nice "little" mountain with good views. Go early to beat the crowds, as Jen and I had the summit all to ourselves for 45 minutes, but saw tons of people on their way up as we headed down.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Me, in 2D

What I'd look like in Springfield. Create yourself.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Lost Without WiFi?

If you're ever in Estes Park, CO and you desperately need to hop on the dot com, look no further than the Notchtop Bakery & Cafe. Its doors may be locked, but not its wireless signal. Sitting outside a coffee shop in your car at night in the dark isn't shady, it's resourceful.