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Monday, February 26, 2007

El Bandito

Haven't posted for a while...

Apparently that's what happens when you try to cram work, studying for the GMAT, working out, and weekend trips into your schedule. I couldn't possibly imagine being a single mother that works, raises kids, and goes to school.

And speaking of school, did you know that an ever-growing amount of classes from some of our best schools are being offered completely free online?

Want to brush up on your Classical Physics? Need a refresher in The Old Testament? How about Producing Films for Social Change? Look no further than MIT, Tufts, Notre Dame, or naturally, iTunes.


Anonymous said...

So you are a Minnesotan, Whats the deal, can't handle a little snow. Come out to upper New York sometime.

Rumana said...

it's so interesting that you made the single mother comment -- i thought the exact same thing last spring when i was working at gmi, then heading down to mendota heights to work an additional 4 or so hours as a standardized test scorer. it was so difficult, i couldn't imagine being a single mother working two jobs and trying to raise my kids. damn.