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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Into the Wild, well, sort of

So I'm heading out into the great white north tomorrow for my first-ever dog sledding trip. If I don't lose a finger or part of my nose I'll consider it a successful adventure.

Supposedly there's an opportunity to take a polar bear plunge of sorts at the end of the trip. I'm posting that now so you, my faithful readers, hold me to it and will rip on me in case I wimp out.

Hoping for some exciting pictures to follow. I'll see you in a few.


Heather said...

"If I don't lose a finger..."

I just had to chuckle because you almost did!!!!

gomattolson said...

Ha! Very true. Even with one semi-bashed and numb finger I still consider the trip a great success.

Hoping to find time to post an appropriate recap soon...