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Friday, November 21, 2008

Google - What I like, What I don't (sort of)

I like:
  • Google Search for the iPhone. Tired of typing? Just say your search query, and it does the "typing" and the search for you. Brilliant.
I'm not sure if I like:
  • Google SearchWiki. I'm apparently one of the lucky "few" to have first dibs at trying it out. Essentially, you can edit the ranking of your search results, and Google will remember them for your next search. Additionally, you can add comments to your search results, or view comments from the entire web -- only problem is people are stupid, and already I'm seeing a lot of comments like "lol, this site is the best". My next question -- so what does this mean for sites that add new relevant content that a consumer may want to see that wasn't aware of before? Are they out of luck?

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