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Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Wow, I've been majorly slacking on my blog posts (or complete lack thereof) lately.

In case you haven't heard (you will soon, trust me), check out Bing. It's Microsoft's latest attempt to take on Google.

My first impressions? It's sort of like Word or Excel - lots of "features" that sound great, but in reality 90% of people won't use them.

Google is simple, and people get simple. I'm willing to bet people won't be saying "just bing it" anytime soon.


Kate said...

I just ude bing and my first official search was gomattolson. Your blog came up #3, just behind your flickr accounts.

Michelle said...

Just found your site via Flickr.
Nice pic's.
Just wanted to comment on Bing.

I think it's great that MSN is trying to compete with Google. You know the whole thing about competition making things progress for the benefit of all.

But, and here's a big one, not only is Google easier to use, which is great. But the big deal to me about Bing is that when you search for something, it only brings up stuff within MSN. And That Sucks!!!

If I'm looking for info, I want it from where ever and I want everything available.

I did a search on Bing and it brought up all this crap from MSN sources, but after 6 pages of searching, nothing I could use.

I then went to Google and BAM, the first three sites gave me what I needed. They, of course, were not MSN sites. One was a wiki, another the very site I was looking.

To me there is no way Bing con compete unless they get outside the MSN Box.

Thanks for your post.
And for me I will be a Google-in'

Mark Elhum said...

Google has capture and controlled the Market mind, to break its monopoly a unique more simple attempt required. It was just a random thought...

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JACK said...

Well said Michelle, i totally agree with you, it was great attempt, but
Google is mighty ..........THNX
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