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Monday, April 24, 2006

Nouvelle Maison

As you may or may not have noticed, I haven't posted for about a week. So you may be pondering if I have been traveling around the world conquering all of life's greatest quests? No, you weren't wondering? No, you didn't notice my absence?

I've been away from the great state of Georgia, spending the last 4 days in a gruelling hunt for a place to call home back in Minneapolis. And today was our day. A good friend of mine and I found a great home, offered, counter-offered, and finally settled. One less stress off my back...but a new stress of explaining our "partnership" added.


Addie said...

Pictures, please! Or do you have to go pro before we can see them?

Matt N. said...

How did you two pull it off? What did the General say about it or did you claim to be domestic partners?

Matt O said...

Addie: Amazingly I didn't take any pictures. I think I may be able to steal some from the listing and post them.

MDN: I spoke with the General and they told me as long as my name was on the title that was the only thing that mattered.