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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I'll Take One of Each

A good question was recently posted in reference to the marriage and pistol license pictures uploaded to my Flickr account. What was I doing at the Dekalb County Courthouse do you ask? But more importantly, why was I looking for a marriage and/or pistol license?

My friend Tyler was getting married in Georgia, and went to the courthouse with his fiancee to get their marriage license. Reliving the trip, he commented, "I kept teasing Michelle that we should at least get a pistol license too, since we were already there. She was significantly less amused than I was."

After he moved on to Chicago, he asked me if I would do him a favor and take a picture of the signs, so they could be documented along with all of their other wedding memorabilia.

In his own words:
I just love the idea of walking up to the counter and stating, "Hi. We're lookin' to get hitched...and uh, do we got to get in a separate line for the pistol license or can we do that now too?"

God Bless the South.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Yeah I believe this story!!!!!!!