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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

That Blackberry is so last year

I had the pleasure of attending MIMA 2007 today in downtown Minneapolis.

It was a great introduction into the world of Interactive Marketing, and I came home energized about all of the exciting opportunities present in the field.

Favorite session: Advergaming: Architecting F-U-N Online, presented by Bret Hummel of Ham in the Fridge.

Favorite speaker: Jason Fried, founder of 37signals. He shared his mantra of Unconventional Collaboration, the subject of his book Getting Real (available to read online for free!). He made some very good and refreshing points that I'd like to summarize in a future blog post, such as: meetings are generally a waste of time, and don't use words like "need" and "easy".

All good stuff. Now if I can only stay focused enough to apply it...

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Addie O said...

Ham in the Fridge may not be everything it wants to be. What about the Jews? I'm ashamed you didn't represent your neighborhood's concerns at the conference. Yahweh is watching.