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Monday, December 17, 2007

They're Back

Dust off the spandex and stock up on your VHS tapes, because American Gladiators is back. Yes, you read that correctly. The Assault, Gauntlet, Joust, and your other favorite events are back and better than ever.

A friend of mine had the genius idea of starting a contest amongst us guys to see who could guess the names of the new Gladiators.

This of course sparked a flurry of emails, as all other issues, whether work, personal, or political in nature, paled in comparison.

A sample of what we've come up with...
Onyx, Bruiser, Shiloh, Falconer, SlamDance, Hail, Brick, Hurricane, Tsunami, Lynx, Steroid, Human Growth Hormone, Fireball, Canon, Dynamo, Comet, Axe, Vegas, Retro, Crash, Slam, Flame, Zeus, Volcano, Lars, and Tito.

What names would you pick?

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Addie O said...

I can not believe this. Who knew that the writers strike would end up bringing back one of the best shows ever created. I think I'll still watch the reruns on ESPN Classic. The new spandex outfits are wonderful - scant and non supportive. My favorite is Hellga. Kind of a rollergirls ripoff. I still miss Nitro though. Maybe they will bring him back as a commentator.