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Monday, December 10, 2007

Traveler IQ

Think you know your world geography?

Check out Traveler IQ.

My score: 175,781
Final Level: 6
Traveler IQ: 92

I got a little nervous and clicked poorly a few times, I think I could do better...


Sunny said...

Pretty fun. I got a level 6 and an iq of 92 as well. Overall was at 179 though. So do I get to gloat that my mediocrity is slightly better than your's?

Anonymous said...

My score 353,549
Level 10
IQ 110

Fun! I'm sure sister Jen would blow all of us out of the water on this one. She's probably been to half these places anyway.

Lauren said...

I like this game....

My score: 551,645
IQ: 131

I always told you that I'd rock The Amazing Race! :)

gomattolson said...

Dang, my World Studies teach would be so disappointed in me. Way to rock it!