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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Never Again

This past weekend my best high school guy friends and I headed up to Bjork's cabin for our semi-annual guys getaway trip. It was an awesome time full of food, beer, more food, lots of laughs, video games, and paintball. But the unexpected highlight from the weekend happened in a flash. We were out in the boat and I brought a tennis ball thinking we might play catch and dive off the boat or something. It was my turn to water ski and I jokingly told James that he should throw me the ball while I was skiing. After getting up and stabilized on the skis, James motioned to me with the ball. Figuring what the heck, I gave him a signal to throw it. And he did. And I reacted. And I made a shoestring catch, next to my left foot. I couldn't believe it. They couldn't believe it. It was amazing, and will never happen again.

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Rachel said...

ha ha ha I'm totally laughing. You guys are crazy. :) How fun that you all get together for a weekend though.