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Monday, August 25, 2008

Got Sisu?

I went up north this past weekend with Kate to run in the 26th annual Brimson Sisu run. This community race to help raise money for the local fire department was supposed to be a respectable 4.4 miles. The course changes each year, and therefore the mileage waivers slightly in order to include or exclude certain points of interest. Just my luck, this year's run netted out much closer to 5.5 miles. I managed, but have been paying the price the past couple of days with sore legs. Guess my goal of running a 10k this year just became that much more attainable.


Kate said...

The Sisu Run even came with a Beer in a Dora cup Stop!!! Can't wait to see the photos in 2009.

ps. thanks for running with me.

Rachel said...

Way to go!!