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Monday, June 26, 2006

Ode to Big Bro

I have to give a shout out to my big bro for two big news items:

1. He’s passing on that recessive pro-lutefisk gene that is found in so few Americans. That’s right folks. His wife is pregnant. (I find myself sharing with friends that “My brother is pregnant…well, he’s not, but his wife know what I mean”) Way to go bro!

2. He passed the PE exam. Now I know what you’re thinking – how difficult is it to do 40 sit-ups, 3 pull-ups, and run a mile without puking? But you’d be wrong – he didn’t pass that PE exam, although Ms. Goober did train him well. Instead, he can now proudly display his nerdiness because he is a genuine certified Professional Engineer. Way to go again! Pocket protectors for everybody!


Mike O. said...

Matt, Thanks for the props! If any family members happen to see this news, please, DO NOT TELL GRANDMA. We are going to the farm this weekend and will break the big news to her then. The last thing I want is for her to be mad at me for not knowing sooner.

I guess I conned you. It WAS a Physical Education exam I passed. No one would ever believe that I made pro engi-nerd status. Besides, who would want that?

Lauren said...

That's great news! Congrats Mike and Jenny!!

Mike O. said...

Thanks Lauren!

Matt O said...

She actually prefers to be called "L-Dog". The ATL has finally gotten to her.