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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Can you say Product Placement?

NBC's The Office is my favorite show on TV. Tonight's episode was excellent, but it also contained possibly the most blatant product placement of all time.

One scene had Kevin Malone (played by Brian Baumgartner) shredding office documents with this shredder shown at the left. He talked about how great it was, and proceeded to shred papers, a CD, and one of his own credit cards.

Then they cut to a commercial. And surprise, surprise, it was a Staples commercial for the exact same shredder. Wow. Go marketing. What's even more, when I went to to get a picture of the shredder, I came upon this page titled "Staples MailMate shredder and The Office". I bet they sell a million of these.


Dan said...

It's also a piece of junk. I had one that worked for a week or so and then failed horribly. My friends managed a hackish repair that kept it from being landfill.

The story is on my blog. :(

gomattolson said...

Appreciate sharing your comments. Cheers.