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Thursday, November 16, 2006

I like music too, but not that much

Cities 97, a Minneapolis radio station, releases a Sampler CD each year of unique, typically acoustic sets from their in-house Studio C. I was introduced to Cities 97 and their sampler CDs from a friend years ago when I worked out in Estes Park, CO, and have been listening to them ever since.

The CDs come in limited supply, and are only sold at area Targets. This year marks the 18th Sampler, and with it, 18 years of increased insanity. One guy camped out in front of Target for two days in anticipation. It's November. It's Minnesota. It's a CD. You can copy them.

The CDs have also apparently turned into some sort of tradeable futures commodity. Last night, before the CDs were even released, people were selling them on eBay -- informing potential buyers not to worry, and guaranteeing that their "suppliers" would follow through.

I was planning on standing outside of my local Target around 7 this morning, but slept in too late. Now I'm counting on Robbie's attempted purchase. I'll even chip in 10 cents for the blank CD.

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Sunny said...

You failed to mention the contest you won and what it yielded for you.

I questioned people for camping out for the PS3 and Nintendo Wii. But a CD? Come on people. At least the video game systems could yield you 1500 dollars in profits.

How many of these people are just going to rip the CD into their iTunes and listen to it via their iPods?