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Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Like Brad, I saw Google's doodle for the day and loved it:

It also reminded me of my family's trip to Norway a couple years ago. My mom and brother were visiting the Munch museum in Oslo when they were approached by a local journalist and asked if they would mind being interviewed. Apparently the journalist was curious to find out why Americans were visiting Norway, and what they thought of the country.

A day (or two?) later my parents were at the airport to fly home. They walked by a stack of newspapers and were surprised to see a picture of my mother and brother on the front page, staring back at them. There was a quote in the story by my brother; when asked what he liked least about Norway, he responded, "The price of beer".


Mike and Jenny Olson said...

$10US for a pint of beer in an Oslo restaurant/pub!!! Who wouldn't be upset about that? That could maybe possibly force a guy to stop drinking... Nah

matt n. said...

Unrelated to your post MO.
Check out this link for another Top Countdown. They are doing a top 89 for 06 at 89.7 WTMD which is Towson State University's radio station. A very good station in the state of Maryland BTW.