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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

5 Minutes of Your Time

My friend needs your help -- he's been dreaming of seeing SNL in person for as long as he could stay up past 10:30pm. Every year he sends out this email to all of his friends, asking for their help in requesting tickets to the show. The email needs to be sent before the end of August -- just 10 days from now. Please take the 5 minutes to do so, and if you are so lucky, it would seriously make his year:


Hi, it's that time of year again when I have momentary hopes of finally seeing sketch comedy performed in Studio 8H of 30 Rockefeller Plaza in New York. I'd like to see a taping of Saturday Night Live and I would love 1 minute of your time to assist me. The tricky part is that tickets are distributed for the whole season by a lottery system and ticket requests are accepted ONLY in the month of August for the coming season.

What I ask of you is to copy and paste the brief message at the bottom and email it to:

snltickets {at}
(I removed the @ sign in hopes of deterring spam-bots)

Please remember to add YOUR NAME at the end of the message, send in the request only once, and don't send this email as a forward to the NBC address.

If your name is drawn for two tickets, you'll get an email in September or October informing you. Then, you'd let me know and you will receive a very big thank you for your help and a New York souvenir of your choice. Thanks for your assistance!


Please enter me in the 2007-2008 Saturday Night Live ticket lottery.



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