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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Picnik Lives Up To Its Name

Take lots of photographs? Wish you had an easy way to remove aunt Mildred's red-eyes? How about crop out your unkempt laundry hamper? Or perhaps make your pasty-Norwegian-white skin not so transparent looking?

Look no further than Picnik. It's free (for the time being). It's super easy to use. It offers the features that 90% of consumers need. It can integrate seamlessly with Flickr and Facebook. It's online. You don't have to download a thing.

And possibly most impressive of all -- once your photo is loaded, editing with Picnik is done super-fast in real-time. No waiting for the page to reload. No annoying banner ads (for the time being).

I wanted to give it a whirl, and edited this photo. I uploaded it straight to Picnik, made a few incredibly painless tweaks, and chose to post the new and improved photo straight to Flickr. By doing so, I also chose to link my Picnik account to Flickr. I heart collaboration and APIs.

You know I couldn't resist...Picnik is a picnic.*

*Although Picnik is a great photo editing tool, the name is not. I forgot if it was,,, etc. It took me 10 minutes to find the thing.

1 comment:

Brad said...

you should post the original on your blog (as not to tarnish your flickr account) so we can see the difference a few easy picnik edits can make!