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Monday, September 24, 2007

American Hog

Proud to be an American? Yeah, sure I am. I love what this country stands for. (I don't necessarily love everything we do, but overall I think we generally have good intentions)

Proud to be one of the most wasteful consumers in the world? Not so much.

I just played the latest gaming sensation, Consumer Consequences. OK, so maybe it's not the latest craze, but stepping through the various avenues of wastefulness was an interesting lesson and reality check, regardless of how accurate it was. Apparently if everyone in the world lived like me, there would need to be 5.9 times the world resources. Yay for me.

Next time I go play soccer or ultimate, I promise I'll ride my bike....that is, if I'm not late...or if I'm not too lazy to pump up my tires...or it's not too cold...or too hot...

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