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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Music Madness

What's stranger than the name Electric Fetus? How about seeing Talib Kweli perform a free full-set show at the 'Fetus. I thought for sure the show would be out in the parking lot. So I was a little surprised to find out upon arrival that people were simply packing themselves in between the racks and racks of CDs.

I also recently went to the Alarmists show at Mill City Live. The Alarmists rock, and are now competing with Mason Jennings and Stuart Davis for my favorite local band. Definitely check them out.

And last but not least, this past Friday I went to my favorite venue in Minneapolis, The Varsity, to see Vicious Vicious rock out to a crowd excited for their CD release show.

September looks like another busy music month. Gotta love that Minneapolis Music Scene.


Anonymous said...

You MUST see LCD Soundsystem and Arcade Fire at the Roy Wilkins in September. If you don' prediction, PAIN!

Lauren said...

Hey Matt,

I agree, The Varsity is great. I was there Saturday, actually, to see the band This World Fair. Do you know them? I went to high school with the lead singer, so perhaps I'm biased. But they're pretty good in a rock/pop kind of way.