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Monday, November 28, 2005

Gobble, gobble

Thanksgiving -- one of my favorite holidays. A day to reflect on all that you have to be thankful for, spend time with loved ones, and reconnect with distant friends. Wait a minute...or is it a day to eat your weight in turkey and pie, watch football, and fight the Christmas season shopping crowds?

This year, I showed my thanks by helping Lauren with her church's Thanksgiving luncheon for seniors. Afterwards, we headed up to Greenville, SC, where I continued to show my thanks by stuffing myself past capacity and then falling asleep on her parent's living room couch while watching Moonstruck, an Irving-Family Thanksgiving tradition.

The rest of the weekend was full of eating, sleeping, bowling (and dancing), hiking, checking out Furman University (pictured above), getting in the Christmas spirit, and, in good Thanksgiving fashion, more eating.

I helped decorate the Irving's Christmas tree, and I was happy to see that the Olson clan is not the only family that puts up decorations and ornaments that the kids made before they could even tie their own shoes. Even though I missed home, all in all, it was Thanksgiving to be thankful for. Now, everyone in unison, "awhhhhhhh".

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MikeOlson said...


I did a project on the Furman campus, a data center renovation. They had an existing housing facility that was way out of date and little on the edge of campus. They converted it to offices and then built a new structure to house their data center. The project manager and I flew into Greenville and spent the night, then was on campus the entire next day. I really liked the campus. It really reminded me of Luther. I went on this trip back in Feb/Mar '03.


Thanks for the mention during your U2 blog.