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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Java Monkey, I love you

I am a big fan of Decatur (and for more reasons than time affords me to explain at the moment). One of my favorite places in Decatur is Java Monkey. Not only is it a cool organic and Equal-Exchange friendly coffee shop, but it also has live music, wine tastings, and open mic nights every week.

Tonight was a special wine tasting night, where they celebrated Beaujolais Nouveau 2005. Diana, Li, and I went for a tasting and to enjoy the live jazz. Since it was a special event, you received a raffle ticket with each glass of wine. We were hardly paying attention when they happened to read off the number of one of the raffle tickets I was holding in my hand.

I won the "package" prize -- two Georges Duboeuf t-shirts, a scarf, a tie, and a $10 gift certificate to the Brickstore Pub-- which truly is my favorite place in Decatur. We couldn't have been happier. Who knew buying a glass of wine would pay off so well? Oh yeah, and the wine wasn't bad either.

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