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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Doe, a Deer

Just got back from cross country skiing at Theodore Worth Parkway with Robbie(bus). It was a perfect Minnesota day for winter sports -- cold, but sunny -- and it was a good first outing for the season.

At one point we stopped in front of a small bridge that crossed a stream and waited for a better skier to pass. The skier stopped as well, and at first we wondered why. Then a few seconds later about 10 deer slowly approached from the other side, looking at us with as much curiosity as we held for them.

After cautiously crossing the bridge they took off in the snow, performing the most elegant and beautiful bounding leaps I've ever seen, as if they were bouncing from cloud to cloud. Needless to say it was pretty cool*, and it made me feel like a clumsy idiot with two fiberglass sticks strapped to my feet.

*My 11th grade creative writing teacher would be appalled at such a terrible use of a non-vivid verb and adjective.

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