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Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I can see it now…you’re walking to your car, listening to music on your iPhone*. You receive a call, and you switch over to phone mode to answer.

You get into your Bluetooth-enabled car, and your iPhone* recognizes this. You switch your call to come through the car speakers for a hands-free phone conversation.

You drive down the road and finish your chat. You press play on your steering wheel and your car stereo starts playing the iTunes song you were listening to before you were interrupted by the call --right where you left off – wirelessly streamed from your iPhone* via Bluetooth.

Your kids will wonder in amazement what life was like without this technology.

*Assuming iPhone will still be called iPhone, after Cisco is finished suing Apple.


Anonymous said...

Not long after that, we will all have chips implanted in our heads so that no one will even have to talk to one another! We can just "think" conversations and they will get transmitted automatically to that other person. Just like the Matrix! Doesn't that sound exciting? We can all lie around in our pods living an imaginary life, with machines doing all the work. Integration is nice, up to a point, but where will it end?

Sunny said...

Don't forget that your Lexus sedan will then parallel park for you too.