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Monday, January 29, 2007

Skiing and Sundance

Just got back from a week of skiing in Park City, Utah. So to my faithful blog readers, no, I'm not dead. I did, however, bang up my leg and even went as far as taking a picture of my battle wounds, but deleted it once I realized how unattractive a red, blue, and yellow leg can be. So don't worry, only fun/cool/scenic photos will be coming soon to Flickr.

We stayed and skied at The Canyons, and also skied Park City, Brighton, and Snowbird. Snowbird was a little rough, but the rest were excellent, with Brighton being my favorite. I already can't wait to go back.

For you film buffs out there, you may be aware that the Sundance Film Festival was also taking place out in Park City. We had the opportunity and pleasure to see Eagle vs. Shark -- a very Napoleon Dynamite-esque film that had you feeling sorry for and laughing at the main characters throughout the movie. I think it will hit the big screen. Remember you heard it here first.


Lauren said...

No comment about seeing Cuba Gooding, Jr, John Cusak, and Juaquin Phoenix? :)

MattO said...

Oh yeah, I forgot. Cuba was shopping for a toothbrush at Albertsons while we were getting food. Kind of strange seeing a famous person in a very ordinary environment.