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Friday, March 03, 2006

Southern Independence

My sister summarized it perfectly.
  • Syttende Mai - the 17th of May -- Norway's independence from southern rule.
  • The 16th of May -- My independence from the south.
We theorized that Norway probably won its independence on the 16th, but waited to party till the 17th, thus becoming the recognized day of independence. So it was pretty much predestined for me to leave the south and start anew on the same day as the motherland. I'm so proud to represent.

So what I'm getting at, is that with mixed emotions, I will be moving back to Minneapolis to start in my new role as an SAP Developer on May 16th. I'm pretty sure there will be a parade or something. Looking forward to seeing everyone again.


Mike O. said...

No comments yet? Doesn't anyone have an opinion regarding our little Matty uprooting again? I, for one, am glad Matt is moving back to Minnesota. For all of you who have never been there yet, I suggest you visit Matt up there (in the summer). Summer in the Cities is beautiful. Winter is.....I'll let Matt comment on that.

Mike O.

Matt O said...

Apparently people are a little intimidated by Thorwegian power to make any comments about the [2nd] motherland.