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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

More Fall Fun

In my previous post I forgot to mention more happenings from the weekend.

One was visiting the ever-splendid Deardorff Family Orchard, where Robbie, Amanda, and I picked apples, ate them till we puked, and then ate some more. OK, so we didn't puke, but Robbie did grace us with a Mr. Peepers interpretation, and I did get a slight stomach ache from eating too many apples.

Sunday was another action-packed day. After dropping Jen off at the airport, I headed over to Lake Calhoun to catch up with Robbie and Amanda again to watch their friend Colby run by in the Twin Cities Marathon.

If you've never seen a marathon or triathalon before I highly recommend you check it out. Find a group of people that are cheering non-stop, and you're guaranteed a good time. After a while you sort of feel like they are cheering for you. Besides, you deserve it. It's exhausting watching someone run 26 miles.

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