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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Why Am I Not Surprised?

After living in Atlanta and working in Covington, this news article holds a dear place in my heart. It really embodies my 2 years in the south, and brings back memories of similar events that continually left me in awe ($1,000,000 bill at Wal-Mart, the "Lost" children of Rockdale County, crazy man running over family in McDonalds parking lot, etc.). If only I would have started a scrapbook the day I arrived. I'm pretty sure it would have been a best-seller.

A woman and her two young children will get a special Christmas dinner at one of Atlanta’s most expensive restaurants this year — courtesy of a Rockdale County judge who imposed that sentence on a man charged with family violence on Christmas Day.

“Basically you were hung over and didn’t want to be involved in some activities your wife planned,” Chief Superior Court Judge Sidney Nation told Wendell Jerome Herman Rogers II. “You acted up and ruined Christmas, so this year you’re going to make it up to them.”


Sunny said...

What's the restaurant? My guess is that the family won't even like the food, bail early on the meal, and gather up at Waffle House for a "real" meal in their eyes.

Bobby said...

whoa, olson, was that you that put something on my blog? where the hell have you been? and how did you ever find my blog?

ill be home for thanksgiving, back in Cedar Rapids, are you going to be back in Ames?

Lauren said...

Actually, Sunny, if it's in Rockdale county, I bet the judge chose Waffle House as a "nice" restaurant from the start! :)