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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Word to the Wise

You know when you check your bags at the airport, and they give you the little baggage claim sticker for a receipt?

My advice: check it for accuracy, always.

I just flew down to Atlanta this past weekend, and upon arriving I happened to glance at my claim tag. It was for Thomas Neafus, flying to South Bend, IN. Crap. I ended up wearing my same set of clothes for 3 days straight.

Sound familiar Diana?


Anonymous said...

Haha--I see a trend. My conclusion for travelling to ATL is (1) don't bother packing anything (2) stay with a friend you can bum clothes off of (3) Find one of those shady stands near the World of Coke where you can buy 3 shirts for 12 bucks :)

Matt O said...

And don't forget the "12 pair of socks for $5" vendors up and down Church St. You can't even find that deal in Dollar General.