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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Six degrees of Ashton Kutcher?

I get my haircut at Beauty in a Bag, in downtown Oakhurst. It is advertised as being ran by a "Multicultural Stylist". Fortunately for me, Norwegians fall into this category.

I went to get my haircut tonight, and had to wait a little while for another woman to finish with her haircut. She said she had to run home to watch Beauty & The Geek, a WB show produced by Ashton Kutcher (a Cedar Rapids, IA native for those of you that were not aware).

Tria (the multicultural stylist) walks over to me and drops a copy of People magazine in my lap, open to a page featuring the show and its contestants. One of those contestants, Jennipher, is from Atlanta, and it turns out that she is the daughter of the woman currently getting her haircut. Small world.

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