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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Gateway to the West

Thursday, May 11th:

We made it to St. Louis. Thanks to Hotwire, we stayed at the amazing Hyatt Regency. The rooms themselves were bland, but the Grand Hall blew us away -- it was gorgeous.

Addie recommended a couple restaurants and we obeyed. One featured a jazz band followed up by belly dancing (unexpected, but fun). The other was the Chocolate Bar -- a tiny bar where you can indulge in just about any form of chocolate you wish. I went for banana and Nutella crepes. I wasn't disappointed.

On our way back to the hotel, we walked through the adjoining mall (it was closed, but you could enter with your hotel room key). One of the doors to the mall was propped open, which Lauren happened to point out as odd. The mall was deserted except for one kid that started to walk away very quickly once he saw us coming. I can't prove it, but I think he saw my bulging biceps reflecting in the nearby fountain. Anyway, upon reaching the store where he just left, one of the glass doors was freshly cracked and you could still hear the glass creaking. So we rushed up to the main desk and told the clerk what we saw. The next day the door was covered in cardboard.

So the foiled robbery wasn't anything exciting, but I'm still going to put it down on my resume.

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