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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

It's Politiks to me

If you're a reader of my posts, you'd realize that I would sooner post about Politik (the Coldplay song), than I would about Politics.

I figure there are roughly a gazillion ways to find news out there, and you don't need to hear my interpretation -- I'll let you pick your own bias: Fox, CNN, Boortz -- oops, did I say "bias"? I meant "source".

If you go to the Daily News (LA's newspaper), the whole front page is about the major immigrant marches taking place across the country. If you go to the Chicago Tribune, their main headline is the same. Even Iowa's Des Moines Register highlights the protests. Now we come to Georgia's Atlanta Journal Constitution -- a sample of the headlines on the front page: "Keith Richards falls out of palm tree", "Stone Mountain amusement", "Poor Gasper the beluga whale", and "Grading the network anchors".

Apparently if Michael Vick wasn't there, then it's not news. I literally could not find one link on the front page of the AJC website that mentioned this monumental and major national event that affected the entire country. Thank you, Georgia. Can I get a Lil John Wwwwhhhhhhaaaatttt?

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