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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Another hard day at work

Could you ask for a better Friday "at work": sleeping in, Whirlyball, barbecue, an open bar, and ramming your fellow coworker with a bumper car? Our Quality organization had their team offsite yesterday, and invited me to join them. Who was I to say no?

The highlight of the day, in my humble opinion, was the very first game. With the score tied, the clock was ticking down. I started yelling out the seconds to alert my team, "seven, six, five..." David saw me in the lane, and passed me the ball with one second on the clock. Just as the buzzer was sounding, in one continuous motion, I caught the ball and threw it at the goal. Score!!! Literally, a last second shot. I was so fired up as I left the court. Then I remembered we were playing Whirlyball. Then I went to the bar and got myself a beer.

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