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Friday, December 16, 2005

Georgia + Patches of Ice = Mayhem

This morning's commute was definitely the most entertaining drive into work yet. It had been raining last night, and the temperature got low enough so most trees had a little ice on them, as well as a few patches of ice here and there along the roads. In the Midwest, it would have been considered a beautiful morning with near-perfect driving conditions. Not Georgia.

Schools were canceled. Accidents everywhere. Diana and I got to within one mile of our exit on I-20 and hit a dead stand-still. Both sides of the interstate were completely stopped. Lots of people had got out of their cars to walk around and see what the big hold-up was. This was 7:30 in the morning, and we spotted a guy from our plant standing on the other side of the interstate that had gotten off the night shift at 5AM.

About 30 minutes later we finally make it that last mile only to find our exit completely backed up. We were shocked to find a car on the right-hand shoulder on fire. Flames were coming from underneath the hood, and a billowing cloud of smoke was getting bigger and bigger as the fire grew. We couldn't believe it. We fortunately maneuvered around it and got out of there before any explosions happened. Where was my camera when I needed it?

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